Ageism in Digital broadcasting

The Problem

As an older listener I am very dismayed that digital ageism is technically dis-enfranchising many elderly from much of the current Radio drama, Comedy Documentaries,Entertainment and Factual output. This is because much of this output is now is broadcast via the BBC radio iplayer, which  goes out to the current generation of digital devices mobiles and iPads etc.
Although I am now in my 70s and have kept up with the new digital streaming technology many of my contemporaries have not. Whether the BBC has done this by design or fault is another matter. We are all licence payers and are worthy of a full service from current broadcasters.

The Solution ?

The simple explanation that age automatically disqualifies one from the latest innovation is an insult and I believe a public service like the BBC have been totally remiss in not addressing this very important issue many lonely older people, would love to hear the very good productions including drama that
I have been lucky enough to enjoy. There is urgent need for a more realistic and practical approach to providing help in the use of mobile devices and explanation of how to use simple blue tooth technology, to an increasing ageing demographic. This might be achieved via extensive advertising to local groups offering free courses in this subject including volunteers from their own age group who are digitally aware and importantly younger people through their local community associations through perhaps the use of public libraries.

The Benefits

The use of apps via the BBC radio I player has enabled a new freedom for the young, the elderly could also gain much from this.
Marginalisation of the elderly in Technology, in any form is not a healthy prospect in a decent society.

I found the link below poses many interesting questions which are extremely relevant

A link posing many of the important questions which require further study.



BBC radio 4 extra as released 10 episodes on its iplayer,  ten 30 min episodes of
the excellent series.
Journey into Space.
The Red Planet,
The Earth in peril 

This was first broadcast in the 1950s and was written by  and produced by Charles Chiltern it was a huge success way ahead of its time with sound effects by the BBC radio phonic workshop. It led to a number of different series and episodes still not superseded in radio to this day.

If the BBC  have decided to do this they may be seeking new audience’s but they must also realise what a great deal of pleasure these episodes will bring to older listener’s that is why digital broadcasting and its techniques must be available for all not the fortunate tech savvy few.




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